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  • 2015 Rate Rise

    As per the usual arrangement, rates for 2015 will be in line with inflation, 1.6%. Here’s a rough summary: 19.10 becomes 19.40 23.55 becomes 23.95 28.35 becomes 28.80 (am/fm bonded rate) 29.45 becomes 29.90 ( “ “ “ ) 32.80 becomes 33.30 40.15 becomes 40.80 (am/fm bonded rate) 41.00 becomes 41.65 ( “ “ “…

  • Ascend Property Video Narrative

    Thought I’d share as they wanted a very Manc read. Welcome to Ascend from Ascend Properties on Vimeo.

  • Maybe my favourite ad ever

    I just did an ad with two poos and a pee in it. I am a child. Warrington Public Health – Hey Mr!

  • Brand new look

    I’m currently updating the website for a better look and a more responsive layout. Hope you like it!

  • Site is bigger and better than ever

    As I was having to rebuild the whole site anyway, I’ve added some extra stuff, like a link to my music. Feel free to go check it out and maybe, ya know, buy some stuff. It all goes to a good cause (I need to buy beer).

  • New server, new problems

    I’ve just moved my whole website to a new server but as I didn’t export my site properly, I’m rebuilding from scratch. It’s all very exciting.